Hi friend! I am Taylor. I was raised in Tennessee, made a big move to Florida when I was 19 years old, met my husband within weeks of moving and married him just a little over a year later (when you know you know). Shortly after being married we jumped into full time youth ministry while still being full time students. We lived in a little 1910 two bedroom, yellow bungalow with a red front door. It was such a sweet season of very little money, but lots of love.

When we got married I had already undergone two procedures for stage 4 endometriosis.  We had about a year and a half of marriage before it came back again with a vengeance. We immediately began trying to get pregnant and tried several different treatment plans and fertility treatments. After about a year and a half I was suffering so greatly that I was forced to stop fertility treatment and have a third surgery. After this surgery we planned to begin fertility treatment again. The morning of our anniversary I took a pregnancy test to prove I wasn’t pregnant so we could begin fertility treatment again. Wouldn’t you know just 8 weeks after my third surgery the pregnancy test was positive! No fertility treatment, no tracking, just the Father being so kind and showing that He is in absolute control.

On August 8th 2017 we had our baby boy – David Johnson. We were told I would have some relief from the symptoms of endometriosis for at least a year or two after his birth. Unfortunately that was not the case and pain returned when David was only 7 weeks old. I was distraught, confused, exhausted and couldn’t fathom walking through all we just went through to have a baby again. While praying I heard the Father gently say, “Don’t run to doctors. I will give you another baby.” It felt crazy, but I trusted Him. So we waited.

In the meantime, after years of waiting on the Lord, we felt released to plant a church in Indianapolis in 2018. Our Father’s House started in our living room with about 10 people and we got a front row seat in watching the Father completely transforming lives in His love.

A few months after Our Father’s House began on October 5th 2018 we found out we were expecting baby #2. I sat on my bathroom floor and wept. Overwhelmed that the Father took my barren womb and not only gave me one baby but two. David felt like the Father proving His faithfulness, but a second baby felt like an above and beyond gift. More than I could have ever asked or imagined. On June 12th 2019 we welcomed a second baby boy – Daniel Johnson. We entered the world of 2 under 2 and a one year old church plant. To sum things up - life is WILD.

So here we are now. In this current season my heart is burning for women to know the Lord as their Father. When we know who we are – everything else falls into place. When we know we are chosen, loved, and placed where we are with a purpose from the most high God – we are unstoppable. The Father is raising up confident sons and daughters that walk out each day in relationship with Him. If you have been wondering where you belong, looking for purpose, or longing for identity it is all found here in the person of Jesus Christ. I look forward to joining hands with you in discovering all the Father has planned for us. I want to walk out every day of my life expecting the Father to move in me and through me for His glory. Will you join me?

Much Love,


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